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Our recreational program is a year-long program designed with excellence in mind. Your child starts in a beginner's class, called Bronze Crown and moves the precious medals & stones (Silver, Gold, Plantinum and Diamond Crowns) once they have obtained specific skills at each level. This allows for your child to build a strong foundation in order to achieve and reach their goals. Some gymnasts pursue gymnastics for fitness and fun, and some may aspire to compete in the Junior Olympic (JO) Program. For those, who wish to compete in the JO Program masterstry of all four event (vault, bars, beam & floor) skills are required in order to be selected to tryout for Pre-Team Program. Aspiring gymnasts looking to participate in our recreational gymnastics program should:

  • Wear Leotards (mandatory) for female athletes
  • Compressed shirt and shorts for male athletes
  • Participate in flexiblity and conditioning skills
  • Put forth effort to obtain level appropriate skills
  • Attend class consistently